Agriturismo Delo

When you are immersed in so magic a nature, it seems impossible to be so close to Verona … … ONLY ONE HOUR TO VENICE … A SLOW DRIVE TO MANTUA, VICENZA AND THE LAKE GARDA … STAY LONGER TO ENJOY THE ESTATE AND MOVE AROUND WITHOUT MOVING LUGGAGE …

Delo qualifies as an agriturismo, but that description will not adequately prepare guests or website visitors for its comforts and charm. If it were French, it would be a charming relais; if English, a design country house; in the Italian lexicon and for graduates of Tuscany or Umbria, it is a tenuta, where buildings and land together form an estate.

However, Tenuta Delo provides a gentler experience than busier estates to the south: it is unspoilt and authentic, rich of energy; an intimate and primordial contact with nature in a very ancient historical site … An antidote to life in the fast lane, only few minutes from fine Verona city … the time and space to find yourself … a perfect expression of the slow life.

The slow life at Tenuta Delo involves more than peace and quiet, and comfort and charme. Here it harvests a rich cultural bounty which is the basis of slow life: the rural heritage of ancient Veneti and the Roman sites; Palladio’s original villas; the literary trails of Catullus and Dante, Shakespeare and Goethe; the simple joys of its wine and food festivals: all are within a slow drive of this estate.

Here in the gentle Veronese hills, where our family invites its guests to share these fruits of slow life: not only fruits of the earth, but of the heart and mind and community; fruits of history and architecture, literature and land and family. And, most important, the time and space to find harmony together.

Our Brand Story … the story of our family and of Tenuta Delo … the story of the gentle ancient Veneti and the people who have been harvesting these fruits for centuries and millennia even … the fruits of one man’s labours that changed the course of Western architecture: only a short drive, to get the rich yeld of Andrea Palladio’s villas … the origins of Vanbrugh’s Blenheim and Jefferson’s Monticello … the influence on Washington’s Capitol …

And the fascinating origin of the name Delo … the millennial history of this ancient Celtic and Roman sacred area which owes its actual name to the God Apollo Delio.


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